by NikolaiMcFist
Hello to anyone reading this! First of all, I want to apologize to anyone who was reading the comic before I took it off the internet about a year or so ago (and whatever previous times I may have). I second guessed if I really liked what I had or not, as I have many times in the past. Unfortunately that led to me taking down the site, destroying two entire chapters and accidentally losing several pages of work. That was a little over a year ago, as I said.

Since then I thought a lot about what I really wanted, why I started this comic, etc. I started sketching every day after a few months, eventually working my way back to re-penciling those lost pages. I lost the last half of Gregg: Part II, the chapter I'm updating on now. It was done, I just hadn't backed it up because at the time I got careless. I was overly stressed from a lot of different things and it resulted in all that. It is a lot of wasted time, but it was an even greater lesson. I backup every page as soon as it's done. I save a lot more frequently. I've gotten a lot more comfortable with every single step of the process again, as before I wasn't good at updating regularly so when I would go to draw, it would often be riddled with errors (I've had to fix a lot of things since I started working on the chapter again). But I've fixed everything I want to fix, and with that, I'm actually really content with what I have so far. It's far from perfect, and there is a lot of things I could do differently now. If I were, however, I would never be able to explore the really weird and fun parts of the comic I've been so excited about since day one. Not to mention, I would never be able to get around to making the other comics I really want to. In order to do that, though, I have to get Charles & Viktor going and everything set to where I can focus on page production.

EVENTUALLY, all of this will lead to me starting to put together books. Which at this point, I think I'm sticking with Ka-Blam. Just for the simple fact that I've had a few different things printed through them, and the quality has always been exactly what I want. Now it will be a test now that I've re-added my texture back into the pages, but I'm confident it'll exceed my expectations. Currently, with every comic page I have (penciled/inked/otherwise) I'm sitting at 208 pages. I'm thinking anywhere from 220 to 250 possibly for the first book. At the same time, making something like single issues available with one or two chapters each for a lot cheaper. Also I've always really wanted to try and get something on Comixology, so if I could see my work on there that'd be really exciting for me!

ANYWAYS NOW I'M JUST RANTING. I have a lot of stuff planned. I don't know how long it will take for all of this to come to fruition, but I will work my hardest to accomplish all of my goals and improve every step of the way, if I can help it.